Rob has been my teaching my children for 8 years. He was an organist at our church. He gave my middle child lessons. My son excelled at learning and being a player. Then my older son started lessons about a year later after he caught the music bug. Robb has been giving consistent weekly lessons to my sons and is now starting short 5 minute lessons for my youngest who is 5 years old. She is getting the beginning piano lesson and learning about the letters of the keys. I love his dedication to kids and I think he is a fabulous piano teacher. His main talent that amazes me is that he can play music for hours and hours without any music in front of him. 
Robb is a wonderful guy! He is very passionate about music and teaching. He is an inspiration to me and very encouraging. I love the annual recitals and the awards that he gives. I have been playing piano with him on and off since 2008. I love that Robb is always right there, ready to help. He caters around what I need as a student and he likes to see where I am in my studies. Robb gives me assignments that are structured around my personal needs as a student. He doesn't stick to the book, he makes sure the lessons are helping me progress.  
My 11 year old daughter has been  a student of Robb’s for over 2 years. I like that Robb is very friendly and has a nice disposition. He doesn't have a particular genre of music that he’s attached to. He can play from Simon and Garfunkel to Bach. My daughter has a wide interest in music as well which is great. I like that Robb is helping her to realize where her strengths and weaknesses are. At 8 years old my daughter was starting to teach herself piano and composing. Robb has helped her refine and grow without stifling her talent. 
-John Norris