Rob has been my teaching my children for 8 years. He was an organist at our church. He gave my middle child lessons. My son excelled at learning and being a player. Then my older son started lessons about a year later after he caught the music bug. Robb has been giving consistent weekly lessons to my sons and is now starting short 5 minute lessons for my youngest who is 5 years old. She is getting the beginning piano lesson and learning about the letters of the keys. I love his dedication to kids and I think he is a fabulous piano teacher. His main talent that amazes me is that he can play music for hours and hours without any music in front of him. 
Robb is a wonderful guy! He is very passionate about music and teaching. He is an inspiration to me and very encouraging. I love the annual recitals and the awards that he gives. I have been playing piano with him on and off since 2008. I love that Robb is always right there, ready to help. He caters around what I need as a student and he likes to see where I am in my studies. Robb gives me assignments that are structured around my personal needs as a student. He doesn't stick to the book, he makes sure the lessons are helping me progress.  
My 11 year old daughter has been  a student of Robb’s for over 2 years. I like that Robb is very friendly and has a nice disposition. He doesn't have a particular genre of music that he’s attached to. He can play from Simon and Garfunkel to Bach. My daughter has a wide interest in music as well which is great. I like that Robb is helping her to realize where her strengths and weaknesses are. At 8 years old my daughter was starting to teach herself piano and composing. Robb has helped her refine and grow without stifling her talent. 
-John Norris
I have been taking piano and music lessons from Robb for about 13 years.  I began by learning the basics of piano and now am learning more about music than I ever expected.  I call Robb my music coach because in addition to teaching piano, he knows how to challenge, motivate and inspire.  Just listening to him play makes me want to play.  
Even though I started learning late in my life—in my mid 50’s—Robb always talks to me as if I were a fellow musician, patiently but respectfully explaining and showing me how music is made.  He has also taught me a lot about how to listen to and appreciate music and now I hear music with a much richer understanding.
Robb has a very respectful style of teaching.  He appreciates where a student is coming from and tailor’s his approach to the student’s interests and needs.  He does not have a regimented approach or just teach by a book.
Robb always wants to make sure that I get something worthwhile from a lesson and I always finish looking forward to the next one.  I consider a lesson from Robb a real treat, one of the highlights of my week.
I have been taking lessons with Robb for the last 6 years. He is very fun and easy to learn from. He encourages me to be a better piano player and I love performing in the annual recital. My friends and family are always impressed when I play the piano for them. Taking lessons from Robb has given me a new sense of confidence and I am really proud of what I have accomplished.  
My son (6 years) and daughter (8 years) have really enjoyed taking lessons from Robb. He is very friendly and patient with them. The lessons have helped them concentrate and their grades have improved in school. I really like the way that Robb is always mixing teaching them the theory of music with the actually technique of playing as well as teaching them new songs. He lets the children pick which songs they want to learn which is very helpful in getting them to practice and play at home. They enjoy the music and have fun playing for friends. We are so happy with Robb and highly recommend him as an instructor!!